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Sustainability in modern days

A topic that has created so much turbulence equally strong in the corporate world as in the normal day life, now calls for the necessity of increased awareness, ways of interpretation and application among people.

This space will serve to continue creating consciousness while simultaneously offering the service to measure the carbon footprint of any required product, service, event, and/ or organization.

In specific, these three topics will receive dedicated attention since the scope of their importance might be rather broad: Society, Corporations and Government

Social Impact Bonds
  • Private equity supporting social initiatives
  • Focused on returns to the society or to the environment, not in the profits
  • Applicable for short and long term investments
Sustainable Governance
  • Liability of the management towards the society and the firm itself
  • Long term financial strategies to ensure profitability of the company
  • Main considerations for a sustainable supply chain

Sustainable Finances
  • Generating profits with an ethical approach
  • Relationship between business that perform better after (or before) social investment
  • Cost-cutting effects and benefits.

If you have worked in your thesis or in a paper focused in sustainability and you would like to see it published, with a dedicated space for it and for your to develop further, reach out! As long as it is focused in one of the many topics of sustainability, there will be an space for it!

Do you have a Thesis or a Master Thesis focused in sustainability?

About the author …

Biomedical engineer with an MBA. Furthermore, specialized in sustainability: Supply chains, Finances, Governance, and Ethics.

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Professional Experience

Previously worked with in-house strategic planning departments, biomedical devices and currently working with international supply chains.

Diplomas on Carbon Footprint, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001.

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