Comunism or capitalism? None.

But first, let’s go for a doughnut.

Both philosophies so different and deep. Both complex enough to require (in given cases) years of studies to deeply understand and yet everything seems to be now one or another. What is the reason behind? … Where lies the misconception? … Are they the only available options?

US elections 2020 just passed by and by the time that this text was written, Joe Biden was on the head. Agendas and propossals from both candidates went from massive incentives to green energies to increase in taxes to importations of products from overseas. Yet, the fight in the street was a capitalist vs a comunist. How on earth…?

To understand the reason behind, first there must be an analysis of the pain of the people, their perspective, knowledge, and available options at hand.

The pain of the people, in one word, disparity.

We live in an era of instant knowledge and now is clearer than ever, that even when there is only one planet, we do not live in the same world. There are no walls to hide, with my fingerprint and a few clicks I can see and compare how much some people are born with and how much I have.

If the dissease is the disparity, the symptoms are the anger and finger pointing to the culprits. Here on my perspective lies the biggest fault. The disparity has been a recurrent problem across times, (E.g. French Revolution, WWII, dif. Latin American Revolutions) and every time the society has evolved to a new social system that tries (within the best of its framework) to change it.

Now, we live a different scenario. Now the angry mob, the powerless people, places it’s hopes in the same system that led to the current constellation of players. Hence the good and the bad guys have a name, purely based in actors from the past without analyzing their stands, strengths, weaknesses, and details. The good guy is called capitalism and the bad guy is called communism.

Both can be fair and both can be unfair. Both have a slight of presence in all economies and while in the literature both can be expressed with precise definitions, in reality sometimes the boundaries are no more than grey thin lines that from time to time might be worth to analyze and some other times might be good to just let them exist.

Please bare with me, why my reasoning on the missplacement of the culprits? In fact, it is not the missplacement of both, but the missplacement of one. The good guy. Both flows of thinking have (like many other social order philosophies) well intended grounds as much as some “not so well thought” grounds.

Comunism is grounded in the state. In the incorruptible gears (institutions) that make everything work. Those that place the work in the correct place to produce enough for everyone and then distribute it accordingly. For Cuba works, if you ask to the state. For Venezuela works, if you ask to the state. That said, the system works depending on whom you ask.

Contrary side, Capitalism gives emphasis to the production of goods not regulated by the state. Placing the value in more, cheaper, and better leaving the free competition and the self-educated (yeah right) market to decide what and how comes next. I guess from an Amazon perspective makes sense. Same as Tesla. And if you ask Google it wikl definitely work. But for the rest? What about the middle class low-average income class? Again whom you ask is more relevant than what you ask.

Have you seen the similarity? I guess by now there should be a glimpse on where lies the mistake? Both have a player that can produce more, pay less, and keep the most. Private entities or the state. Both left uncontrolled have led to disparities that now boil the sentiment of the angry working class. The private entities or the state are the rulers of the game. People? Pawns to play.

What if instead of placing a game master, the system asks the people how much should be produced (never asked before)? … whom would be the right people to produce? … What are the needs of the people (again, never asked before)?

Please bring the doughnut back. Our third option. Not capitalism, nor communism. Ask the people, involve the people, take the best scientific and justified decisions and then move forward. Like every conscious people should know, it is not perfect. It is an step that looks promising and it will be discussed in the next post.

Thanks and best.

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