Comunism or capitalism? None.

But first, let’s go for a doughnut. Both philosophies so different and deep. Both complex enough to require (in given cases) years of studies to deeply understand and yet everything seems to be now one or another. What is the reason behind? … Where lies the misconception? … Are they the only available options? USContinue reading “Comunism or capitalism? None.”

Carbon Footprint per head. Limited.

Here goes a proposal. Do we need to act against the climate change, ab sofort (German; “From now on”)? Yes Do we know what are the activities that contribute the most to the climate change? Yes, CO2 release from burning fossils for E.g.; Energy. Do we have an estimate of how much CO2 is releasedContinue reading “Carbon Footprint per head. Limited.”

Carbon Footprint. The impact to the environment

Year 2020. The year itself has been proved to be a challenge for the society in many different fronts. However and sadly, the biggest challenge – arguably – this year has been one related to health. Nevertheless, parallel a different threat and challenge was arising on the side. A threat that has been constant, silent,Continue reading “Carbon Footprint. The impact to the environment”

Sustainable business growth in uncertain times

With a global pandemic affecting all aspects of our lives, it has become increasingly difficult to simply “overcome and adapt” these days. Apart from the personal challenges we are facing, such as social distancing and not seeing our loved ones, we are also faced with the harsh reality of business continuity. This affects both theContinue reading “Sustainable business growth in uncertain times”

What can be expected to change? Life after COVID-19

The social game has been changed. It is no secret that society has taken a hit – in a global scale – as it was not seen since many years ago. While we struggle and fight against the challenge that we have in front of us, the question remains, What will change? Only a dreamerContinue reading “What can be expected to change? Life after COVID-19”

Prologue of a Pandemic – COVID-19

“… Since Word War 2, there hasn’t been in our country a similar challenge where everything depended so much upon our joint solidarity action …” Angela Merkel, March 2020 – Chancellor of Germany Many things can and will be said on how the pandemic was managed by international leaders, it is not in the scopeContinue reading “Prologue of a Pandemic – COVID-19”

Personal opinion – SIB to reinsert single mothers to the workforce

There is a strong message that I want to disclose before moving on with the post: The idea comes from personal experiences, from knowledge in the topic and it is not – by any means – polished. Meaning, I believe there is an opportunity area in this context and most likely someone with more experienceContinue reading “Personal opinion – SIB to reinsert single mothers to the workforce”

Certifications that add value to consumption goods (FMCG) – Part 1

In our daily life, no matter the places, we are surrounded by information that has been strongly processed by marketing teams. Even when for some matters the marketing plays a relevant/ important role in the business core of any given company, within sustainable matters for example, where certifications with plastics or chemicals that (when usedContinue reading “Certifications that add value to consumption goods (FMCG) – Part 1”

Relevance of supply chains in the incidence of wildfires – Part 1

Recent natural disasters have taken towns, cities, and countries off-guard. The magnitude of the aftermaths and damages that they leave may last for unaccountable years. When is is true that short term-emergency strategies are needed to solve them out, there is also the need to think on the medium term on how to reduce futureContinue reading “Relevance of supply chains in the incidence of wildfires – Part 1”