Carbon Footprint Analysis

In order to reduce a carbon footprint, first there is the need to measure it.

Reach out to us to and explain us what is the product or service that requires to be measured and we will guide you in the most suitable process fitting your needs.

The analysis

For Whom …?

Service providers and products manufacturers that want to trace and understand the carbon footprint produced by their operations.

Why …?

There are no downsides to the measure of it. It can be periodically measured to understand if it is becoming lower with time; allowing you to achieve cost savings, processes improvement, and deep understanding of your own business reality.

Where …?

Worldwide. A carbon footprint has no restrictions or limits to be measured. The more information you can provide for it, the more accurate it becomes.

What is it …?

An estimation following international standards that provides a fair approximate of how much equivalent CO2 is released by your operations/ products/ services.

For all sizes of scope: Want to measure the equivalent CO2 produced directly by your operations? Possible. The equivalent CO2 produced by your operations and the energy that you consume from third parties? Possible. The equivalent CO2 produced by your operations, energy from third parties, and energy that other parties use to help you in your operations. Possible as well.

Upon Standards

ISO 14069, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, ISO 14067, PAS 2050.

Based in every case and requirements the analysis will be done using as basis the international standards for quantification of carbon footprint

Reach out for more information and to book a meeting to measure your carbon footprint.

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