Below you will find the quick access to the posts made across time. Topics are diverse and they are not presented in order of importance but rather in order of publication

Social Impact Bonds

Objective of the SIBs and minimum required stakeholders.

Relevance of supply chains in the incidence of wildfires – Part 1

In-sight to the impact of value chains. Difference between effects of corporate and suppliers. One of many effects of their ramifications.

Certifications that add value to consumption goods (FMCG) – Part 1

Within the food industry, which certifications are working in a global scale changing entirely (for better) the supply chain

The first – ever – Social Impact Bond

Short and concise story from the first SIB that includes: Initial challenge, players, strategy and outcome

Personal Opinion – SIB to reinsert single mothers to the workforce

Personal concept of an SIB to reinsert one important target population to the workforce with an honorable salary

Prologue of a pandemic – COVID-19

Quick peek on – and if – the healthcare systems of the world pushed for a change after the recent pandemic (AH1N1) and before the current one (COVID-19)

What can be expected to change? Life after COVID-19

Personal opinion on how the society might change from a financial and social behavior (-mostly) perspective.

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