Personal opinion – SIB to reinsert single mothers to the workforce

There is a strong message that I want to disclose before moving on with the post: The idea comes from personal experiences, from knowledge in the topic and it is not – by any means – polished. Meaning, I believe there is an opportunity area in this context and most likely someone with more experienceContinue reading “Personal opinion – SIB to reinsert single mothers to the workforce”

Social Impact Bonds in a nutshell

The Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are a social initiative that is currently disrupting some markets and investment portfolios, not because of high expectations of ROI but because of the unique approach with potential for a triple-win outcome to the three main stakeholders: Government, Investors and the society in need. “The purpose of the Social ImpactContinue reading “Social Impact Bonds in a nutshell”